Tenute Ducali is the project of a group of friends, all entrepreneurs, sharing a common passion for Tuscany and its wines.

Their love for quality products led these different personalities to enjoy good wine at first and later to share a business project, Tenute Ducali wine range.

Managers with long experience in different branches, used to hard work, but crazy for the small pleasures of life.

Always ready with a new idea and an ancient wine.

Bertold Brecht

Choose and select the wines before bottling: this is what we are good to do and from this idea we started this project.
After more than 10 years studying the territory, grape harvesting, suggesting on agronomic practices to elevated sustainability, spending years in the wine cellars of agricultural firms, we had the insane confidence to be able to reach the beloved vision of "tenuta" taking selected vineyards... a project about love, strategy and living experience: live Tenute Ducali
One of the main demand in the world of quality wine, is having a single reference for all the concerned points: products, services, administration and logistics.
Our mission is to identify, select and commercialize wines and consequently wineries, who want to become our partners.

All production process, from grape growing in the vineyards to vinification and bottling of the final product, are coordinated with the direct involvement of the tenute Ducali management and it proves that researching and trusting new, almost unknown but highly valid producers can easily lead to amazing surprises and at the very first sip. Some of the partners had already been active in sales and marketing of quality wines for years and thanks to their experience this project is mainly focused on quality and details of major importance.

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